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Thomas - Practices with Hot male black sex doll

Thomas - Practices with Hot male black sex doll

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Thomas, a professional boxer, knows the importance of having a reliable and lifelike sex doll to practice with. He has been shopping around for a realistic sex doll that fits his needs and budget. Luckily, he came across trusted sex doll websites that offer a wide variety of premium dolls, including custom sex dolls, female sex dolls, European sex dolls, and American sex dolls. With sex dolls on sale, Thomas was able to find the perfect one for him at the best prices. He chose an irontech doll, which is a high-end and luxury sex doll, but also budget-friendly. Thomas also knows the importance of taking care of his sex doll, and he was pleased to find reliable sex dolls vendors that offer sex doll accessories, sex doll cleaning, and sex doll clothing. He knows that by properly maintaining his sex doll, it will last longer and remain in pristine condition. As a boxer, Thomas is focused on precision and detail, and he found that in the top 10 best sex doll companies that offer realistic sex toys and sex robots that are lifelike and customizable. He is confident that his premium sex doll will meet his needs and help him improve his skills in the ring. Plus, with discounted and inexpensive sex dolls available, Thomas knows that he made the right choice by investing in a high-quality sex doll.

Key Features

      • TPE Sex Doll
      • Height: 175cm ( 5ft 7)
      • Breast line: 90cm
      • Waistline: 85cm
      • Hip line: 98cm
      • Shoulder Width: 47cm
      • Thighline: 54cm
      • Calfline: 46cm
      • Arm length: 65cm
      • Leg Length: 84cm
      • Feet size: 25cm
      • Weight: 50kg
      • Package size: 157*47*32
      • Penis type: Erect/ Limp
      • Anus:16cm
      • Mouth:13cm
      • Brand: Irontech

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