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Sex Doll vs. Woman (All-round comparison)

Sex is an essential part of any well-rounded life, so it makes sense that getting enough of it is pretty high on your personal priority list. But it also stands to reason that wanting more sex and getting it are two different things. Unfortunately, the dating scene isn’t what it used to be, so even opportunities to have casual sex aren’t as good or as plentiful as you’d probably hope.

On the other hand, realistic sex dolls are an increasingly popular way to maintain an active sex life without finding a willing human woman first. Some long-time doll owners even find they prefer their doll over real, live women. But are the two actually comparable? And if they are, what are the benefits of each?


The Sexual Experience

Most doll lovers never forget the first time they saw and touched a realistic sex doll in person. The care, precision, and artistry that goes into creating today’s dolls are second to none, so it’s easy to be stunned speechless by just how much they look and feel like real women. And yes, that same impressive attention to detail extends to the dolls’ inner workings.

Since your doll is anatomically correct to the greatest extent possible, the experience of enjoying your doll via any of her openings feels incredibly similar to sex with a real woman. (Just add a little lube, and enjoy!) Some dolls even come equipped with touch sensors and voice boxes that allow them to respond to you in specific ways.


Routine Maintenance

There are many reasons why someone might choose a doll over a sexual relationship with a human woman, even if traditional dating is absolutely an option for them. Even casual, no-strings-attached relationships require maintenance for which you may not have the time, inclination, or emotional bandwidth.

Dolls do come attached to some maintenance, but none of it constitutes emotional labor. You don’t need to “be there” for your doll when she’s down or struggling, and you won’t ever have to worry about her leaving you for some other guy. She won’t get upset if you work a lot as a rule or enjoy your frequent boys’ nights, either. You do have to be diligent about cleaning, sanitizing, and storing her to preserve her integrity, but that’s pretty much it.



Naturally, a realistic sex doll will represent an investment, especially if you want one that comes with a lot of bells and whistles. But that’s to be expected. Your doll is more than just a convenient, easy way to enjoy a sexual release when you want one. She’s an actual work of art, and art comes attached to a price. However, many sex doll emporiums offer budget-friendly payment plans, so there are certainly manageable options available.

You may also want to put the price of a doll into perspective by considering how much money you’d be shelling out to get laid the old-fashioned way instead. Think expensive cover charges, pricy drinks, restaurant bills, ticket prices, and so forth! Although one night out isn’t probably going to break the bank, the considerable expenses of meeting and dating human women add up over time. A doll is probably cheaper in the long run, especially since there’s never a guarantee a particular date will result in sex.


Availability and Access

Single people might glamorize the idea of being in a relationship for any number of reasons, and the constant, easy availability of sex is one of them. However, as anyone who’s actually been in many relationships can tell you, having a steady partner doesn’t necessarily mean an end to your chronic sexual frustration. There will be plenty of days when your partner isn’t in the mood and refuses sex. And long-term relationships are famous for spawning sexual ruts and dry spells sooner or later.

You don’t have to worry about any of that with a doll in your corner. She will never tell you no or withhold sex because she’s upset with you. You don’t have to worry about her finding any of your turn-ons or fantasies off-putting, either. Whatever you want – however you want it – you can rest easy in the knowledge that your doll is happy to oblige.

Although nothing will ever be exactly the same as a traditional relationship with a human woman, the experience of owning a sex doll can come pretty close – especially if you’d only be interested in a relationship for sexual reasons. Realistic sex dolls provide safe, perpetually available access to the exciting, high-quality sexual experiences you crave.

And best of all, your doll is only a total substitute for traditional dating experiences if you want her to be. She’s there for you when you need her to be but will never get in your way when you don’t, so she’s genuinely the best of both worlds.


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