Take care of sex doll

Cleaning Your Sex Doll:

1. You have to constantly relax your doll after any usage or contact with bodily fluid. That is easiest performed within the bath or tub with heated water and light soap. We endorse preserving your doll's head above water degree while taking a bath and cleansing it one by one. When showering your doll keep the pinnacle upright role.

2. After washing your love doll, dry it very well with a clean towel to put off excess moisture. Keep away from the use of an excessive amount of pressure and scrub back and forth but dry her with a tender pushing move with the towel. Do not use a blow dryer as too hot air can occasionally damage the TPE fabric-made pores and skin.

3. For more sensitive care we advocate you may apply infant powder to dispose of any final moisture and hold her skin fine and smooth.

4. If you put make-up on her, that can be removed with damp laundry detergent or moderate soap with warm water. You can use a paper towel or dry fabric to pat her face dry.

5. The wigs ought to be washed one by one with a mild shampoo, and allow them to air dry, in case you use a blow dryer you risk-averse the hair and pubic hair.

6. Whilst you purchase your doll at Anmo Love Dolls you may get a number of the most durable and lengthy-lasting dolls on the market. However, we nonetheless propose you take care while shifting your doll to keep away from any useless bumps, scrapes, or drops.

7. We recommend storing your doll in a fab, dry area away from direct sunlight and extreme heat or bloodless.

Those are the primary tips for looking after your TPE sex Doll.

Those are the principle guidelines for looking after your TPE Sex Doll.

Following extra precise guide will tell you exactly what to do and what to not do together with your doll to make sure its maximal lifespan.


 sex doll vagina cleaning

Greater Thorough and particular manual for looking after Your existence Like intercourse Sex Doll


TPE Sex Doll Skin Care and Lubricants

Constantly use water-based totally lube even as having intercourse together with your existence-length sex doll. It's going to assist in higher vaginal, anal and oral penetration with out fear of detrimental the doll.

If your Sex doll’s pores and skin turns into cheesy to the touch, easy her with a great quality renewal powder to make her skin velvety easy once more.



Bathing Your Love Doll

  • At the same time as bathing your sensible sex doll with a moderate soap, never allow her head and neck to submerge deep into the water. Use a smooth fabric towel to cleanse and dry her pores and skin. Use of hair dryer isn't counseled as it can make her pores and skin tough and also degrade the excellent.
  • Bathtub your doll after a month’s hole the usage of a mild antimicrobial soap.


Cleaning of Vagina, Anus, and Mouth of a Lifelike Sex Doll

Vaginal Irrigator

  • A “vaginal irrigator” or enema bulb is the right device for laundry your doll's vagina thoroughly. The proper manner to use this irrigator is to fill it with soap and water then use it softly to flush out and ease your doll's vagina from internal. Please do that properly after the use of your doll to make certain of the benefit and the first-class consequences. We suggest doing the preliminary flushing with cold water and then transferring to heat water and moderate soap to sanitize.
  • Vaginal irrigators or bulbs are very cheaper and easy to use. We advocate doing this cleaning operation in a shower room where you can allow the water to run out of her without making a mess. Vaginal irrigators are an excellent tool for cleansing your intercourse doll after use.

Sex doll vaginal irrigator


Luffa on a Stick

  • In case you need to make one greater step in cleaning your Sex doll's inner parts, we advocate a Luffa on a stick.  Luffa lets you gently scrub the internal of your doll’s vagina, anus, and mouth. This is specifically useful if you haven’t been so careful inside the first area and over time some fluids have left the interior of your doll. Soft scrubbing will assist you to remove any residue left inner. Be careful now not to stick it too difficult to the lowest or with any metalcore on the luffa. That would damage your doll by penetrating holes. Over time any residue may also start to odor or compromise the cloth of your doll so it's miles crucial to take suitable care inside the cleansing.

 Sex Doll Cleaning Luffa


Handheld shower Head

  • A handheld showerhead is also a clever option to make it less complicated to clean your real intercourse doll. Those handheld showerheads let you function the circulation of water immediately inside the penetration holes (however always softly) and easy out the inner parts correctly. If viable use adjustable movement settings so that you can flip it as much as high strain but thicker move putting. With enough strain and the right perspective for the flow, you’ll be able to quickly flush out your doll in seconds.

Squirt Water Bottle

  • Closing but now not least for cleaning your doll's inner parts, any water bottle with a squirting mouthpiece may be used for creating a move of water purged to the vaginal to do away with all body fluids just like a vaginal irrigator. Without a doubt comply with the guides for the vaginal irrigator above.

To Summarize Vaginal cleaning

  • Easy your intercourse doll’s vagina, anus, and mouth after use to prevent the increase of micro organism as TPE material is porous and bacteria can live in it.
  • Start through flushing the orifices with mild antimicrobial cleaning soap using an irrigator or shower head. Rinse the canals with a vaginal irrigator to ensure deep cleansing. Wipe the canal with a dry easy towel the use of your palms, and be very gentle even as doing so.
  • Once your doll is dried, follow renewal energy internal and out to keep its subtle, gentle, and velvety contact alive.

Care for removable Vagina

  • Follow renewal powder on the outside of the replaceable vagina and inside of the doll earlier than inserting the replaceable vagina.
  • Follow the above-noted cleaning tips to smooth the detachable vagina of your love doll. The equal guides apply to clean each the constant and detachable vaginas internal.

Skeleton Care of Your Anmo Doll

  • Your sensible intercourse doll has constant and moveable joints to offer her extra flexibility and more than one positions for intercourse. It’s quite normal on your love doll to have some change lines and marks on those elements.
  • Do not leave the arms and legs of your love doll broadly unfold for a longer period than needed because the strain may additionally cause tearing. Continually carry your doll lower back to her pressure-unfastened role along with her fingers down and legs closed while you aren't the use of her.
  • Take care now not to drop her, knock her on surfaces or drag them on the floor as it will carry down her high-quality and lifespan.
  • Do no longer unfold her limbs an excessive amount of and do not follow intense pressure on her to save you damage to her skeleton and skin.
  • Your doll has superior wrists to support her weight; nonetheless, it's far recommended to provide her aid through placing pillows or fixtures under her torso when carrying out domestic dog-fashion intercourse with her.
  • Do not depart her in a dishonest role for long to prevent frame deformation.
  • Do no longer depart her status for lengthy as this can damage her stance.
  • Like humans, actual-lifestyles sex dolls could make and maintain multiple positions however if you preserve the weight too long for small regions or few joints like wrists, it does no longer make proper. The skeleton structure is bendable and bendy but for longer intervals constantly don't forget to “%” your doll to guard positions limbs amassed close to its frame and weight allotted to large areas and lower back or with a proper putting hook with constantly ft on the ground. More approximately the striking hooks later in this guide.



Sex Doll Clothing Care

  • Do not position oil-soluble apparel and pigments for your intercourse doll.
  • Your doll’s clothing has to be color-transfer resistant. Keep away from darker shade clothing as it can bleed and purpose discoloration. A stain purifier can be used to put off maximum stains.
  • Keep your doll away from inks, paints, dark-colored fabric, newspapers, and magazines with colored prints as those gadgets may also stain her.
  • Dust the doll’s pores and skin and clothes with renewal powder.
  • Dirt off the remnants to carry lower back the diffused softness of her pores and skin.


Wig and Hair Care

Remove the wig from her head and clean it with a mild shampoo and conditioner. Let it dry of its own, gently comb it from the bottom up and then put it again on her head.

 sex doll wigs

Be Responsible While Making Love with Her:

  • Avoid sharing your real-existence sex doll with others to put off the probability of infection.

  • Be mild together with her and deal with her like a real woman! Then she will deal with you returned as an actual guy deserves.

Realistic Love Doll Hooks and Storing

  • Proper storage of your intercourse doll may be very essential for retaining her inside the excellent situation to carry out with you, and additionally for keeping her usable for a protracted without early wear and tear. So, right here we have given you some beneficial storage suggestions for your cute intercourse doll.

  • Cowl your doll with a protective tender material blanket.
  • Avoid dark or black color garments as they may stain her.
  • Do now not hang your doll from the neck freely as the strain and strain may additionally cause deformation over some time.
  • Ensure that your intercourse doll’s toes are on the floor while you shop her vertically. This can help in distributing the forces lightly across your doll’s body, and save you the deformation of her skeleton.
  • Use one hundred% natural cotton muslin dust bags to envelop your sex doll, protecting her from dirt and dirt, and also providing a degree of privacy to her.
  • Distinct varieties of hooks, bolts, and chains are available to adjust your doll to dangle. You can find them in our “Hooks and Storing” phase or simply ask us to offer you your new sex doll and we select suitable alternatives.
  • Use closet bar suspension to hold your doll from structural disasters. Those closets consist of protection in your doll’s frame to securely suspend her without whatever pressing against her soft TPE pores and skin.
  • If you do not have closet space, we can provide you robust placing rack constructed with heavy-weight plumbing pipe in a splendid end. It additionally comes with room for her apparel or storing an extra doll.
  • With the doll hook and storing care pointers, you may exit with the assurance that your cute intercourse doll is correctly and securely saved with no knocking down creases that could arise whilst you go away here in a seated function, lying on the bed, or in a box. You may continually locate her inside the first-rate situation to welcome you while you want her once more for sexual delight.