How to choose breast options for sex doll? by

How to choose breast options for sex doll?


Many people who have experience in buying dolls know that there are three breast options now, solid breast, gel breast, and hollow breast.

Let me briefly describe the characteristics of these three breast options.


Solid breast
Advantages: good integrity, high durability. Disadvantages: It feels hard and the weight is slightly heavier (the breast may be torn due to the weight if it is hung vertically for too long)

Gel breast
Advantages: It feels good, like a real breast. Disadvantages: The durability is slightly lower, depending on the usage. Weight is general weight.

Hollow breast
This option is a combination of the advantages of solid breast and gel breast. The feel is high, the durability is high, and the weight is low.



To sum up, we recommend that if it is the first doll, the breast option is hollow breast. It has both excellent feel and sufficient durability to meet the needs of buyers.


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-Anmodolls Support Team

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