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How to Buy

A Buyer’s Guide To Sex Dolls For The Year 2020

If you have decided upon buying a sex doll for yourself, let us congratulate you upon taking a brilliant decision. These dolls are a great choice if you think deeply about your personal satisfaction and well-being. Real dolls that look like actual people have reinvented the way in which people derive sexual pleasure in the modern world. They have also allowed those people who lack social skills to be able to release their sexual frustration with something that provides pleasure instead of keeping it pent-up after being rejected by any woman that they approach. It has also allowed many people to fulfill their wildest sexual fantasies and experience a type of sex that they have only had wet dreams about. They are a brilliant choice for being a partner that is available to you at every hour of the day.

However, the many innovations in the field have led to a situation where a new buyer would get confused with the huge options that are available. A real doll addict will be able to choose the best sex doll for himself/herself, but an amateur can have considerable trouble. Owing to this, it is important to familiarize yourself with the many available options, before deciding upon buying a suitable pleasure doll for yourself. A buyer’s guide is what a new buyer needs to read and that is exactly the purpose that this article aims to serve. If you are curious about the many options that you have while buying a pleasure partner for yourself, please read on.

Standard sex dolls

Most sex doll shops and stores will have some standard options. This section elaborates upon the most common standards in the pleasure doll industry. These include:

  • High-end dolls- These dolls are the best that you could buy with your money. They are made using the highest quality of medical grade silicone with macromolecule properties. Moreover, immense attention to detail is given, whereby the most visible assets like the breasts and vagina is very life like, and even the little parts like the eyelashes or inter-vaginal skin is as close to the real thing as can be possible. They are usually handmade and immense care is taken to ensure that every detail is as real as possible. The doll is further cured using platinum curing technique, which stops oil to ooze out from the doll with repeated use over time. High-end dolls also mean that the skeleton used for the making of these dolls are quite sturdy and long lasting, allowing the doll to hold positions and even be capable of standing for long periods of time.
  • Mid-range dolls- Although, mid-range dolls look almost the same to the eye as a posh doll from a distance, they usually have a lower grade material and imperfections if you look closely enough. The most common material used for the production of dolls belonging to this price range is TPE, or thermoplastic elastomer. If silicone has been used, it is usually not platinum cured, meaning that the doll will start losing its oils over time and become dry. If TPE has been used, the doll is more prone to stains and watermarks owing to the porous nature of the material. The joints are also not as sturdy as the higher priced models. A mid-range doll usually has a lifetime of 1-3 years.
  • Entry-level dolls- If your budget is low and you want a miniature version of sex dolls, then this price range is best suited for you. This is perfect if users want to maintain discretion, and being lightweight, they are easier to handle than their expensive counterparts.
  • Fantasy sex dolls -A lot of people have different sexual fantasies that they want fulfilled and hence tend to prefer dolls that cater to such fetishes. A list of fantasy pleasure dolls that you can buy for yourself at online stores and shops have been listed below. These include:
  • Big breasted dolls- Some men prefer having a beauteous buxom in the woman that they make love with. If you are one of those men who have the weak knee for a woman’s mammary, these dolls are the best choice for you. Having ample boobs, they are great to fulfill every dirty desire you have.
  • Big-butt dolls- While some men prefer big breasts, others have a soft spot for a big ass. If a nice rack is what you prefer and you do not want to compromise on the quality of booty in your silicone partner, these dolls are also available in stores to soothe your fantasies.
  • MILF dolls- ‘Mother I Would Like To Fuck’, you have to agree, there is something mystic about mature women. If age is your kink, these dolls are the best choice that you have. Slightly chubbier and with mature features, these dolls are sure to satiate your sexual wishes.
  • Small breast dolls- Not all men are hungry for boobs, and some do have modest tastes and prefer their women petite. If you are amongst such men, and want your real doll to have adequately sized breasts, this category of dolls is perfectly suited for you.
  • Black dolls- Some people have a yearning for dark skinned women and black dolls in the pleasure doll industry are the perfect choice for them. If you want to fulfill your ebony fantasy, do not hesitate before buying these dolls.
  • Celebrity dolls- Let us be honest, all of us have some time or the other fantasized about fucking our favorite celebrity. If you have such a favorite and do not want to die before having realized that dream, celebrity sex dolls are a great solution to fulfill that dream to some extent.
  • Anime dolls- There is no greater pleasure than the pleasure derived from fiction and it is true even to the extent of sexual desires for some men. If you too have a fictional character that you wish to have slept with, this category is best suited for you.

Sex doll alternatives:

Not everybody is satisfied or comfortable with owning a sex doll, and therefore, the below mentioned alternatives prove to be a great solution for them. These include:

  • Sex doll torsos- If you have a budget and are looking for something to grab on, while enjoying discretion, sex doll torsos are great options for you. These torsos are great alternatives to the life size variants and provide enough features to mimic real positions and feeling of a woman.
  • Pocket pussies and fleshlights- If you are still not comfortable with the idea of owning a full-size silicone partner, but are tired of using your hand to pleasure yourself; a fleshlight or a pocket pussy is the best choice for you. Made using synthetic material that is ultra-realistic, these items are perfectly suited for you as opposed to a real doll.
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